Winter Family Portrait
Photo Safaris


  • Saturday - Dec 15th (North Ogden Divide)
  • Saturday - Dec 29th (South Huntsville)
  • Saturday - Jan 5th (Eden Park)
  • Friday - Jan 11th (Sandridge Park)
  • Saturday - Jan 19th (Mt Ogden Park)
  • Saturday - Feb 9th (Beus Pond)
  • Saturday - Feb 23rd (Art Nord Trailhead)

We have a lot of experience doing winter sessions.  We are able to get a lot of great images in relatively little time.  Get those beautiful winter images without a ton of discomfort from the cold!


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Winter Family Portrait Sessions

Winter Sibling Portrait
family in the snow
Free Family Photo Safari

Insider Information

Best Time of Day:

We schedule 3 family portrait sessions per day.  We start at 11:00 to allow time to get as warm as possible.  We finish well before the sun goes down to make sure we have plenty of light.

Best Family Type:

Realize that winter is cold and the young kids may have a hard time with cold.  We usually suggest you have older children for that reason but we are happy to work with all.  Just be prepared with warm things.

Good Things to Know:

Snow family portraits can be beautiful.  Usually the background is pretty monochromatic and so any colors you choose will really pop.  Don't be afraid to play with color on your winter session.