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Summer - Fall 2019

Each year we choose several dates where we waive the Family Portrait Session fee.  These dates become very popular and regularly book up completely.  Make sure to choose your date soon to have the largest variety.

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Missionary Pictures
You have beenCalled to Serve:Let us take a FREE missionary picture for you.We will give you:Free studio missionary session1 -[...]
Art Nord Family Portrait Safari – May 25th & Aug 10th
If you have never been up Ard Nord Trailhead you are in for a treat. You are surrounded by mountains, grasses and trees. It is a beautiful place for a family picture. You may also want to take a walk on any one of the trails after your session. We meet at the Art Nord Trailhead.
Pineview Family Portrait – July 20 & 27
Pineview Reservoir is a beautiful location for a family portrait. Mornings are a must because it gets windy in the afternoon
North Ogden Divide Free Family Portrait Photo Safari – July 6th
Have you noticed how spectacular the North Ogden Divide is? There are huge clifs and a great mountain look. Try a free family portrait session up the Divide

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The Value of Family Portraits and What You Can Lose if They Aren’t Done Right
Family portraits are stressful, hard to plan and even harder to figure out what to do after they are taken. The saddest part is even after all that work and heartache 80% of all family portraits will not be looked at or enjoyed on a regular basis. And even worse is they may not even exist 12 years down the road.
How to Plan for a Successful Winter Family Portrait Session.
Winter has a lot of challenges when it comes to family photos: it is cold and wet and sometimes looks dreary. Here are 4 tips for your Winter Portraits
How to Make Family Portraits Easier
You want what everyone else wants: a beautiful family portrait to hang on the wall. But, just the thought of it makes you want to run and hide. Little known tips that can help.
Coordinating Outfits for Family Pictures
Choosing outfits for family portraits can be hard. Use these 5 tips to see how much easier it can be.

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Davis County Bridal Fair Specials 2019
We have photographed over 1500 satisfied brides... ...You should be one of them! Register to win your Prize Register here[...]
Q: How Much Experience does a Wedding Photographer Actually Need? A: More Than You Think
Over ten years ago I got a phone call from a good friend of mine who had been a photographer[...]
3 Tips to Help Utah Brides Avoid Wedding Disaster
Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life.  A day that is not only important to[...]
Value of Photography
We had a discussion the other day on people's attitude towards photography and we made some interesting observations.  I thought[...]
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Our photography department specializes in Portrait and Event Photography. We photograph weddings, family pictures, senior pictures, business portraits, Children, New Borns and all kinds of live events.

Our video department specializes in Wedding and Event Videography. We video weddings, marching bands, cheerleading squads, dance groups, beauty pageants and more.

Our commercial video department specializes in helping businesses build relationships and communicate with their clients. Commercial video is the fastest growing segment of Masterpiece Images since video greatly increases search engine optimization and search engine relevance.