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Kay’s Creek Park Family Portrait Safari – July 25th
Kay's Creek has tall grasses with a great background of trees. It is a beautiful place for a new family portrait. We have 6 free session times for July 25th
Riverdale River Walk Family Portrait Safari – Aug 1
The Riverdale river walk is a great place for family portraits. It has tall grasses, the river and neat wooden footbridges. We only have 6 sessions that day
Wheeler Canyon Family Portrait Safari – Aug 8th
Don't miss Wheeler Canyon for your next family portrait. We only have 6 free sessions on that day. It is a beautiful mountain setting.
Pineview Family Portrait Safari Aug 15th
Pineview Reservoir is a beautiful location for a family portrait. Mornings are a must because it gets windy in the afternoon

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Missionaries at Home
We are supporting all the returned missionaries in a community effort called Missionaries at Home. A group of businesses is offering discounts and a supporting Facebook group has been created to support the missionaries.
What is a Photo Safari?
If you're not familiar with Masterpiece Images, you might wonder, what is a photo safari? In short...it's a way we help save our clients time & money
How Often Should I do Family Portraits?
How often do you think most families take family portraits? The answer might shock you. Learn the secret that will make your family portraits more enjoyable
3 Critical Elements You Need to Fully Enjoy Your Family Portraits
There are 3 commonly overlooked elements of Family Portraits that are critical if you want to fully enjoy them. See what elements you missed in your last family portrait.

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Masterpiece Images is a photography and video production company founded in 1998 on the principles that professional photography and videography could be affordable for the average person.

Our photography department specializes in Portrait and Event Photography. We photograph weddings, family pictures, senior pictures, business portraits, Children, New Borns and all kinds of live events.

Our video department specializes in Wedding and Event Videography. We video weddings, marching bands, cheerleading squads, dance groups, beauty pageants and more.

Our commercial video department specializes in helping businesses build relationships and communicate with their clients. Commercial video is the fastest growing segment of Masterpiece Images since video greatly increases search engine optimization and search engine relevance.