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July 1&2nd – Morning Sessions Sold Out. Evening Sessions are available.
Aug 12&13 – 6 FREE Sessions available.

Snowbasin Family Portrait Photo Safari

July 9th – 6 FREE Sessions available.

Eden Park Family Portrait Safari

July 30th – 4 FREE Sessions available.

Pineview Beach Family Portrait Safari

Aug 6th – 6 FREE Sessions available.

Wheeler Canyon Family Portrait Safari

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Will my missionary be okay without me?  Is my missionary prepared to go out on his own for 2 years?  If you are like me, these are the questions I had before my oldest son left on his mission.  I was worried about what to send with my son so he had what he needed

Prepare Your Missionary for 2 Years in 5 Easy Steps

Could you imagine your world without pictures?  In today’s digital world, many people are not printing their memories out to share.  This could become a big problem, because you are more likely to have something go bad with a digital file than you are with prints.  In addition to asking your photographer for a CD,

Masterpiece Messages – Imagine a world without pictures

When it comes to family portraits there are 5 stages of a family.  In each stage there will be special things to consider when planning family portraits.  What stage is your family in?

5 Stages of a Family

Digital photography has changed the way everyone thinks about photography.  Photography used to be a big mystery to most people.  You would take your film to the photo lab, something magical would happen and you would get images back.  Now there are several ways you can enjoy images.  You can look at them on your

Printing Digital Photography

Here's our 3-Point Love-it Guarantee

1. we want you to love the Pictures

We want you to love your pictures. If you do not love them, there is no obligation to purchase anything.

2. we want you to enjoy Your Displays

We work closely with you to choose the perfect display. If you choose a size that you don't love we will switch it and adjust the price - no questions asked.

3. We want your images to last

Any print we do for you has a lifetime no-fault guarantee. If anything happens to damage the print, we will reprint it at no charge.

Ogden Utah Photographer & Video Production

Masterpiece Images is a photography and video production company founded in 1998 on the principles that professional photography and videography could be affordable for the average person.

Our photography department specializes in Portrait and Event Photography. We photograph Weddings, Family Pictures, Senior Pictures, Business Portraits, Children, Newborns and all kinds of live events.

Our video department specializes in Wedding and Event Videography. We video Weddings, Marching Bands, Cheerleading Squads, Dance Groups, Beauty Pageants and more.

Our commercial video department specializes in helping businesses build relationships and communicate with their clients. Commercial video is the fastest growing segment of Masterpiece Images since video greatly increases search engine optimization and search engine relevance.