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Called to Serve:

Let us take a FREE missionary picture for you.

We will give you:

  • Free studio missionary session
  • 1 - print sized for your plaque
  • 2 - Passport Pictures

You can order anything else
(but it is not required)

Missionary portrait session

Missionary Pictures


You will soon be bearing the name of Jesus Christ on your lapel.  We honor and respect that title.  We are using the example set by the official portraits of the general authorities with this offer.  The session is photographed in the studio with a professional background to show respect for your call.


We work closely with the Missionary Store (located right next door) to bring you this free gift.  If you purchase an item from the missionary store you get a free missionary portrait.

Haven't received your call yet?
You need a nice picture to submit

The image you send in with your papers is the image your Mission President
will look at for transfers.
We would like to help you get a nice image to send to him.

Elder Sahleen - Brazil

Sister Broadbent - Brazil

Elder Reynolds - California

Additional Items You Might Consider:

Free Items

For your free items you receive the session, a print to fit in your missionary plaque, and 2 passport pictures.

Missionary Tracker

Probably our most popular item people will add on is a Missionary Tracker.  The tracker has two main uses: it is used to help the family be a part of the mission and it acts as a sort of journal for the missionary once he/she is home.

Gift Prints

A mission usually is a special time for a family.  It can bring families closer and strengthen their faith.  Many times family and friends can receive additional strength by having a picture of the missionary that reminds them of the mission.

Mission Announcements

Many missionaries love to send a nice announcement to family and friends about their mission.  It also gives the contact information for the missionary so the missionary can receive letters or packages.

You can also get a family portrait

In addition to the free missionary session, we give our missionary families a 75% discount on a family portrait session.  That's makes the session only $25.  We also give the missionary a free laminated 5x7 print to keep in his/her scriptures.

Why Do We Offer Discounted Family Portraits?

We know that it will be another 18 to 24 months before you will have another opportunity to have another family portrait.  We also know that most of the time it has been a little while since your last family portrait.  Many times a family portrait is not thought about until after the missionary has entered the MTC.  We don't want your family to miss out on something that can bring a lot of joy to your home.

We are a full service photography studio.

That means we not only offer digital images but also fully finished prints as well.  Most people report that many times in the past they had family pictures taken and, after receiving the digital files, actually never have done anything with them.

What our Clients are saying


We had a terrific experience with Masterpiece Images. Our pictures are absolutely beautiful. The home evaluation was such a great help in the decision making process of where to display our pictures and what size to choose. They even brought them to our home and hung them. They are true professionals and I would definitely recommend Masterpiece Images.

Stacy Miller customer


We had a wonderful experience with Masterpiece Images! The picture day was smooth and the pictures turned out super great! The best part was the home-visits to help us decide on photo sizes and display options. They even hung pictures for us! Love and highly recommend Masterpiece Images!

Emily Eden customer