Newborn photography is best
in the

First 10 days

Make Sure to Schedule your Session Early
(Baby pictures are the best Baby Shower gift!)

Newborn Pictures

10 Day Window

Newborns only look newborn for the first few days of their life.  They grow so fast.
Newborn pictures work best when your child will stay curled up and asleep.  After the first 10 days your child will want to move, be more awake and not enjoy being curled up.  Make sure you hit that 10 day window.  Schedule early.

Perfect Gift

Newborn pictures have got to be the best gift a new mother could receive.  All other gifts will get old and wear out.
Give the gift that will mean the most and last the longest, give a newborn portrait session.

Schedule your Newborn Photography session at least 2 weeks before you deliver!

After you deliver newborn pictures will probably be the last thing on your mind.
Schedule early so you don't have to think about it later.
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Creating a Masterpiece Print

photographic prints

Baby's First Year Packages

Like we talked about above, we have individual Newborn sessions available.  The Baby's First Year packages we are describing here is photo sessions for the whole first year of your baby's life.  We have a lot of new mom's who don't want to miss any part of that first year, that is why we developed these packages.  The price is $250 but we have two options for how you use the package:

Package Option 1 - Monthly

Choose this option if you want to capture every month of your child's first year.  It takes some commitment to have a session each month but it can be worth it.  Most of the time the parents choose to celebrate the holidays or seasons for this package (i.e. first 4th of July)

Package includes:

  • 1- 30 minute session each month
  • 25 - birth announcements
  • 1-5x7 from each session
  • Digital rights of the images are available after the package is completed.

Baby's First Year Packages Price

} $250 {

Package Option 2 - Quarterly

Choose this option if you are not willing to commit to the rigorous schedule of every month.  In this package we capture the main developmental stages of your child (Newborn, Can hold up head, Can sit up, 1st birthday).  Within each of those stages the posing is mostly the same anyway.

Package includes:

  • 1- 30 minute session at each developmental stage
  • 25 - birth announcements
  • 1-8x10 from each session
  • Digital rights of the images are available after the package is completed.

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What our Clients are saying


We had a terrific experience with Masterpiece Images. Our pictures are absolutely beautiful. The home evaluation was such a great help in the decision making process of where to display our pictures and what size to choose. They even brought them to our home and hung them. They are true professionals and I would definitely recommend Masterpiece Images.

Stacy Miller customer


We had a wonderful experience with Masterpiece Images! The picture day was smooth and the pictures turned out super great! The best part was the home-visits to help us decide on photo sizes and display options. They even hung pictures for us! Love and highly recommend Masterpiece Images!

Emily Eden customer