Fall Colors are 1 to 2 weeks earlier this year and are expected to be finished 1 to 2 weeks earlier. Make sure you book your family portrait sessions early to get fall colors.

Fall Family Portrait
Photo Safaris


  • Saturday - Sept 18th & 25th
  • Friday - Oct 15th
  • Saturday - Oct 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
  • Saturday - Nov 6th, 13th

These are our most popular dates.
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Fall Family Portrait Session Samples

Fall family portrait with teenage kids
Triplets in the fall
Big family portrait in the fall

Insider Information

Best Time of Day:

The best time of day is mornings and afternoons.  Mid-day is fine but the prime times are earlier and later.

Best Family Type:

We choose locations that can handle all sizes of families.  We can do a family of 3 or a family of 30 in most of these locations and it won't be a problem.

Good Things to Know:

For the Fall portraits we keep and eye on where the best leaves are and change the locations accordingly.  We will let you know a week before the session where we will be.  This year my suspicion is that we will not get very good reds.  We will be looking for yellows since it has been so dry this summer.

What is a Family Portrait Photo Safari?

We Make it Easy

We know the great locations and when they look the best.  We select the locations for our Photo Safari dates.

You Choose the Date

You can either choose the date or the location you want.  The other choice is made for you.  

You Save Money

Since we are able to be efficient with our time we pass the savings on to you by waiving the $100 session fee.

Here is what your session includes:

1 Hour Portrait Session

Your family can be big or small.  We have no limits to the number in the group.  We also work quickly so you and (most importantly) your kids stay in a good mood.

Individuals or Smaller Groups

We regularly do either the kids individually or break the larger family into smaller families.  The best part...it still only takes an hour.

In-Person Preview

Most people have a hard time choosing what to do.  We have you work with an expert to help make the experience easy.

Free Online Sharing Gallery

Do you have family out-of-town or want to share the images online?  You get a online gallery where you can view all your images and share them with those you care about.

FREE Display Consultation

OUR MOST LOVED FEATURE!  You do not have to guess if your displays will look good.  Our display professional will help you design why, where and how to display your images.

Affordable Print and Digital

You can now afford large prints.  Our in-house printing will last over 120 years and our large prints are up to 75% less than our competition.  We also have options where you can get the digital files for free.

Discounted Custom Framing

We want you to be able to spend your money on the prints and not the frames.  We offer our custom framing at our cost. 

FREE Installation

One more thing to make it easy.  After everything is done, we will install your display at no charge.  

A $20 deposit will be collected at the time of booking to reserve your time - It will be applied to your order since there is no session fee.

Pricing and Available Options

Session Fee

Our regular session fee is $100 for a family portrait session.  However, since we will be in one location all day, we can be more efficient with our time. We pass on that efficiency to you by waiving the session fee.


a $20 deposit is collected at the time of booking to hold your time, that money is put towards your order after the session.

Print Options

Your print displays will be the most important part of your family portrait. We strongly suggest that families consider what they want to display in their home first.  Then worry about the digital files.
We enjoy large prints and we have tried to keep the price of our large prints as low as possible
(i.e. our 24x36 is only $225, compare that to other professional photographers and see it is nearly half of many other photographers).
We typically find most families will spend between $75 and $600 for their print order.

$75 - $600

Depending on sizes and quantity

Digital Options

The US Library of Congress has said that the average life of a digital file is only 5 to 10 years.  The best advice for digital files is:
"Digital to share - Print to Preserve"
With our portraits, once the family has decided what they want for their displays, they almost always have earned a free version of the digital files.


Usually free with a print order
ask about details

Do you have specific questions for us?

Request a call from us

Creating a Masterpiece Print

photographic prints

3 Essential Parts Of a Family Portrait

Capture the Right Images

The #1 thing that endears someone to a portrait is the ability to see faces.  We have photographed thousands of families since 1998. We want the portrait to do more than be a cute idea or just a beautiful picture.  We also want those who see the picture to be able to relate to your family and see the personality of your family.

Images Displayed Well

No matter how good your portrait is, if it is not displayed well, it will rarely get looked at.  It depends on where the image is displayed and what size it is.  We work closely with our clients to help make sure they will not only like their portraits but also that they will be able to enjoy them every day.

Images Preserved

Your portrait is not only to be enjoyed today but also for future generations.  It used to be that all photography was archival.  But, since digital, the expected life of photographic images has diminished.  Right now the average life of a printed photograph is only 8 to 12 years.  We have a special archival process that is expected to last 120 years.

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