In my meetings with newly engaged couples, I usually ask if they are looking at both photography and video for their wedding.  The bride and groom usually tell me that they are definitely wanting photography, but they aren’t sure about the video.  I will sometimes also get asked, “Why would I want a wedding video?”  As I have thought about that question I think it is a great question for all brides to consider – Why would I want a wedding video?

My goal in writing why you might want a wedding video isn’t necessarily to convince you to do a video, but rather share reasons why you might consider a video. I feel there are three main reasons why a video may be important.

  1. Remembering emotions and feelings shared
  2. Reliving moments that easily fade away
  3. Sharing and preserving memories for your loved ones

Remembering emotions and feelings shared

We feel closer to someone when we remember a moment where we felt a powerful emotion or feeling together.  For example, I remember the feeling my wife and I felt at the birth of our first child.  When we talk about those feelings together it makes us feel closer as husband and wife.

A wedding video is a very powerful way to remember the feelings and emotions you felt at your wedding.  Each time you watch your wedding video you will recall those feelings and you will feel closer to your spouse.

Reliving moments that easily fade away

I once heard a quote that says, “You will forget over 90% of your wedding before you return from your honeymoon.”  We used to share that quote on our web site and brides would share again and again how that was so true.  The memories that you don’t forget immediately will slowly fade away over time.

Try to remember your tenth birthday.  I want you to remember what you did and who was present.  What presents did you receive?  Most people will struggle to remember some of the general details of their birthday, let alone who was there.

A wedding video will help you remember and relive those important moments of your wedding.  You will be able to see who was there and what you did.  A wedding video is a powerful way to remember those details that will eventually fade away.

Sharing and preserving memories for your loved ones

Often we make purchase decisions for the wedding based on what we will enjoy ourselves.  That is very important to do.  However, you may also consider preserving your memories for your children and grandchildren.  What you consider as possibly unimportant may be something that they cherish forever.

Let me give you an example.  My grandfather was stationed with the army in Texas when he and my grandmother decided to marry.  They were married in front of a justice of the peace with no family present.  A few days later my grandfather felt it would be important to have a portrait taken so that they could remember how they looked when they were married.  They only had one picture taken.  That picture has become the prized possession of his children and grandchildren.  My grandparents only regret now is that they would have had more than one picture taken.

A wedding video will become one of your children and grandchildrens prized possessions.  They will thank you for having a video made so that they could see and feel the emotions of your wedding day.

In summary, a video is a powerful way to help you remember the emotions and feelings shared, to relive the moments that easily fade away and to preserve your wedding memories for your loved ones.  Why would you want a wedding video?  Only you can answer that question, but hopefully the ideas I shared will help you determine that for yourself.

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