If you're not familiar with Masterpiece Images, you might wonder, what is a photo safari? In short...it's a way we help save our family portrait clients time, money, and headaches. To explain, each year, we choose several dates (usually Saturdays), and we select locations where we know we can get incredible images. Then we book those days full of family portrait sessions. Since we can be more efficient with our time (not driving from place to place), we waive the regular family portrait session fees.

A Little History

Several years ago, I was in a class with a photographer from Washington State. He shared how each year, he would go to a fabulous location on the Oregon coast to photograph family portraits. I loved the idea of going to more exotic locations to shoot, and so I decided to try it here in Utah.

The first year I decided to do things more modestly, and so I chose local spots. We got a great response. So, year two, I decided to try a more exotic location, and it failed miserably. I found out that families wanted an excellent location; however, the thing they liked the most was how much easier it made family portraits.Enter your text here...

How It Makes Things Easier

We have identified over 16 decisions that need to be made to complete a family portrait. To most families, that is overwhelming. We have added helpful services to our photo safaris. In-person proofings and In-home Display Consultations have taken the number of decisions from 16 to only 4 that have to be made on your own. Four decisions are doable for most families.

Here's How It Works

  1. You look on our website to find the dates and locations we have available.  
  2. You can book the session online, or you can call us, and we help you book it in person.  
  3. We will give you a call to talk about clothing and any specific needs or wants you may have.  
  4. We have a great time photographing your family.
  5. You come into the studio to pick out your favorite images.
  6. We do our In-home Display Consultation to help you enjoy the images you'll put in your home.
  7. Then, when all is said and done, we will install the images on your walls for you.

By the way, there is no charge for the In-home Display Consultation or Installation. It is all a part of our regular service.

Our regular clients love this system. Our new clients can't believe how easy it makes family portraits. We invite you to take advantage of one of our Family Portrait Photo Safaris this year and see how easy it really is.

What is a Family Portrait Photo Safari?

We Make it Easy

We know the great locations and when they look the best.  We select the locations for our Photo Safari dates. Play the video to learn more.

Click to play

You Choose the Date

You can either choose the date or the location you want.  The other choice is made for you.  Play the video to learn more.

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You Save Money

Since we are able to be efficient with our time we pass the savings on to you by waiving the $100 session fee. Play the video to learn more

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Here is what your session includes:

1 Hour Portrait Session

Your family can be big or small.  We have no limits to the number in the group.  We also work quickly so you and (most importantly) your kids stay in a good mood.

Individuals or Smaller Groups

We regularly do either the kids individually or break the larger family into smaller families.  The best part...it still only takes an hour.

In-Person Preview

Most people have a hard time choosing what to do.  We have you work with an expert to help make the experience easy.

Free Online Sharing Gallery

Do you have family out-of-town or want to share the images online?  You get a online gallery where you can view all your images and share them with those you care about.

FREE Display Consultation

OUR MOST LOVED FEATURE!  You do not have to guess if your displays will look good.  Our display professional will help you design why, where and how to display your images.

Affordable Print and Digital

You can now afford large prints.  Our in-house printing will last over 120 years and our large prints are up to 75% less than our competition.  We also have options where you can get the digital files for free.

Discounted Custom Framing

We want you to be able to spend your money on the prints and not the frames.  We offer our custom framing at our cost. 

FREE Installation

One more thing to make it easy.  After everything is done, we will install your display at no charge.  

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