There are many different ways photographers will put together a wedding photography package. There are generally pros and cons to each type of package. You can use the chart below to assist you in analyzing the package type that fits what you are wanting.  For information about our packages and what is included, you can fill out a package request form.

Package Type Description Pros Cons
Print Only The photographer provides a print of every image of the wedding day
  • You have a print of every image from the wedding
  • Printed photographs are better than digital files for preservation reasons
  • Photographs printed by the photographer will be better quality
  • Prints are loose or come in a box and can easily be lost or damaged
  • It will be up to you to organize the pictures in a photo album or scrapbook
  • You have to purchase duplicate or larger prints from the photographer
CD only The photographer provides a CD of the images from the wedding day
  • You have a file of every image taken
  • You can print images out at your convenience
  • Release of copyright is generally given from the photographer to you
  • Digital files make it convenient to post pictures on blogs or other internet sites for friends and family to see
  • Since this type of package only comes with a CD, all printing and other costs are yours
  • The photographer may only release the rights to certain size of prints or give other conditions
  • CD’s and DVD’s can easily scratch or may degrade over time and you may lose your pictures
Al a Carte You choose the parts that make up your package
  • You get to pick and choose what you want in your package
  • You will have choices of different products and services such as albums, prints, cd’s, etc.
  • Prices for Al a Carte items are generally more expensive than if included in a package
  • Al a Carte packages can be confusing which may lead to not getting what you want
Comprehensive Packages are designed to include most things you need or want and are generally discounted over buying them separate
  • Packages will include varying amounts of coverage, prints, albums and possibly CD’s
  • Several options of different packages may be offered by a photographer
  • Some photographers may not be willing to change something out of the package that you do not want
  • Package may not fit exactly what you are looking for
Flexible Packaging Packages are a cross between comprehensive and Al a Carte where there are prescribed packages, but you have choices in what goes in them
  • Packages will including varying amounts of coverage, prints, ablums and possibly CD’s
  • You get to pick and choose what you want in your package
  • You get the additional items you want at a package price
  • Most photographers do not offer flexible packages
  • Can be confusing if the packages aren’t explained well enough about how they work

At Masterpiece Images, we have adopted packages that fit the flexible package description because we feel it is important for you to have choices and flexibility in what you are getting in your package.

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