How is your family doing quarantine?

Get your family quarantine pictures for $30

and get a $30 credit towards a regular family portrait at another time.

You may have heard of the new popular trend of taking family portraits on the porch due to Covid-19.  We are taking a little bit of a different approach to this trend we hope you like.  

We want to have fun

This is a crazy time that none of us have experienced before.  We might as well show the lighter side.

We know you want something better

We know that, no matter how fun these pictures will be, you will want something better to display in your home.   So, everything you spend towards your quarantine portrait will go towards a regular family portrait later.

Special Details

  • We will photograph 5-6 Poses
  • You will have full digital rights to all the images
  • You will pay $30 to book the session
  • That $30 will actually be a deposit for a regular Family Portrait Session (to be done at your discretion)
  • Think about how your family is surviving the quarantine (ie video games, homework, hobbies, etc.) and plan on photographing those things.  Think fun!
  • It is best to photograph when your porch is in shade, so choose a time when that is the case.  If your house faces South, we can use the backyard.
  • We plan that the session will take about 30 minutes.

Special Note

We are all in this together.  We are running this promotion to make this time more bearable.  We are also looking to have a little bit of income to continue to employ our employees.  

HOWEVER, if your income has also been affected during this time and would still like a session, we do not want that to stop you from having one.  If this is you, please call us and we will get you scheduled.