North Ogden Divide Family Portrait
Photo Safari


  • Saturday - July 6th

This is a new location for us this year.  We are excited to have the opportunity to photograph here.  It is a beautiful place and we hope you all enjoy it as well.

We only have 6 sessions available for this Photo Safari.
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North Ogden Divide Family Portrait Sessions

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Insider Information

Best Time of Day:

This location works well almost any time of day.  There are good groups of trees that give shade all day and wonderful backdrops with the cliffs.

Best Family Type:

There are big open spaces where large families can be posed.  This location works well for all sizes of families.  Just make sure everyone can walk a little ways on uneven ground.

Good Things to Know:

There is a little trail walking to get to this spot and a little of it up hill.  If you have a hard time walking about .25 miles this may not be best for you.