January 11

North Ogden Divide Free Family Portrait Photo Safari – June 27th



North Ogden Divide Family Portrait
Photo Safari


  • Saturday - June 27th

This is a new location for us this year.  We are excited to have the opportunity to photograph here.  It is a beautiful place and we hope you all enjoy it as well.

We only have 6 sessions available for this Photo Safari.
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North Ogden Divide Family Portrait Sessions

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Insider Information

Best Time of Day:

This location works well almost any time of day.  There are good groups of trees that give shade all day and wonderful backdrops with the cliffs.

Best Family Type:

There are big open spaces where large families can be posed.  This location works well for all sizes of families.  Just make sure everyone can walk a little ways on uneven ground.

Good Things to Know:

There is a little trail walking to get to this spot and a little of it up hill.  If you have a hard time walking about .25 miles this may not be best for you. 

What is a Family Portrait Photo Safari?

We Make it Easy

We know the great locations and when they look the best.  We select the locations for our Photo Safari dates.

You Choose the Date

You can either choose the date or the location you want.  The other choice is made for you.  

You Save Money

Since we are able to be efficient with our time we pass the savings on to you by waiving the $100 session fee.

  • A $20 deposit will be collected at the time of booking to reserve your time - It will be applied to your order since there is no session fee.
  • 3 Essential Elements of a Family Portrait

    You Need to Love Them

    It is your faces that endear you to your family portrait. In 100 years from now your descendants are going to want to know about you.  Your family portraits should share who you are.

    You Need to Display Them

    How you display your family portrait can literally change your family.  A well displayed family portrait will strengthen your family.  We help our clients create that kind of display.

    You Need to Preserve Them

    The average life of a digital file is only between 5 and 10 years.  Most available printing will begin to degrade within 8 to 12 years.  We have a 120 year process to keep your images good for future generations.

    What prices to expect

    Session Fees

    We have no session fees for our Family Portrait Photo Safari Dates. We waive the normal $100 session fee.  We would prefer that the money our client spends go directly towards the things they will enjoy in their home.

    Print Prices

    We try to keep our prices low while also providing a truly professional product.  When compared with similar print services we have found our prices to be up to 70% less than other competitors.  We find that our clients on average spend between $100 and $600 for the prints they want.

    Digital Files

    We suggest people look at the prints they want to order (since that is what will last a long time).  We give credit for each dollar spent towards the digital files.  Most of our clients will receive some form of the digital files for free so they not only get the files but also great prints to display as well.

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