Ryan Hadley - Photographer
Ryan Hadley – Photographer

Ryan Hadley – Certified Professional Photographer

– Photographer
I have been a portrait photographer since 1995.  Jason and I have owned Masterpiece Images since 1998.  I love what I do because I feel I am helping people remember the most important things in life.  Sometimes I feel like my work is just making great friends.  I feel that my photography reflects the friendships I make with our clients.

I am currently a member of the Board of Directors for the Intermountain Professional Photographers Association.  I am also a member of that group as well as the Professional Photographers of America and the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.

Jason Hadley – Videographer

Jason Hadley

– Videographer
I have been a professional videographer since 1998.  My greatest passion about what I do is being able to capture and preserve people’s memories on film.  It is fun for me to see the emotions stirred in people as they relive some of their life’s most important memories that we captured on DVD.  There is nothing more satisfying than having a family member come up to me and tell me how the video we produced has touched their heart and helps them remember the important feelings they felt.

I received most of my training from various professional organizations for film makers, such as the Utah Professional Videographers Association and Wedding & Event Videographers Association.  I also head an organization of videographers known as the Northern Utah Videographers Association.

Jill Hadley - Administrative Asst.
Jill Hadley – Administrative Asst.

Jill Hadley

– Administrative Assistant
Jill has been our administrative assistant since 2007. She handles setting up all of our appointments. You can talk to her for any question about good locations, what to wear and more.