Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life.  A day that is not only important to you and your spouse but to all of your future generations.  There will eventually be hundreds of people who owe their existence to this day and will be extremely interested in what the day was like.  A good video will capture the emotion of the day where good photography will capture those priceless moments. Both are invaluable.

Don’t Just Hire a Friend

It may be tempting to just use one of your friends that does photography or video.  After all, you know them, they will probably give you a deal and they take nice pictures, right? Maybe, the fact is that the images from your wedding day are the ONLY thing that will last and you will either love them or hate them.  It is worth doing a little research to make the right decision.

Make a Smart Budget

Every wedding has a budget but many times it is not a Smart Budget.  A Smart Budget will give you the most enjoyment for the best price. Good wedding photography in Utah will range from about $1000 to $2000 and video from $800 to $1700.  When you look at prices also look at what is included. If your photographer is only giving you digital files from your wedding you are probably not getting a good deal.

Experience Matters

Weddings happen every day of the year and in every weather condition.  Would you like good images no matter the conditions? Then experience matters. As a new photographer, your first 100 weddings are your worst. Right now the average full-time photographer probably photographs between 15 and 20 weddings per year.  That means you should start your search with photographers who have been full-time for at least 4 years.  See our post about why experience matters.

Making the Difficult Decision

Wedding services are very hard to shop for.  Most people have none to very little experience doing so.  The best source for information is to talk to vendors who have been in the business for a long time.  They have seen the joys and the disappointments – learn from them so you can make good decisions.

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