Alright, moms and dads, you know you have a super cute baby. Probably the cutest baby in the whole world, right? Now it is time to prove it to everyone. In this article, we will teach you the tips and tricks to win an online baby photo contest.

Each year Masterpiece Images sponsors a cutest baby photo contest. We want to make it easy and affordable to have great pictures taken of your baby. It is intended to be a relaxed contest where we have an excuse to give away free baby sessions and add a fun twist.

Step 1: Have a Super Cute Photo Session

I love baby photo contest

We have a great time with all the babies each year.

Babies have four developmental stages as it relates to poses for pictures. Planning the right props and poses for these stages is key to getting the cutest pictures of your baby. Babies can lay down (newborns), hold their head up, sit up and stand up. Plan for the proper stage and you will get cute pictures.

Props can be fun. However, don’t just look at Pinterest and copy what everyone else has done. Use Pinterest for inspiration if you wish but bring props that mean something to you and your family. It could be a family heirloom or a symbol of things your family enjoys. It could be anything from sports to books. Remember, portraits are supposed to say something about the person, not just what cute thing was on the internet. Hint: usually those cute things on the internet can be personalized to be unique for you.

It is important your baby is prepared for your session. Read our article Get "Happy Baby" pictures like you see on Pinterest for more information.

Enter the 2018 Cutest Baby Contest Today

We will be photographing a free baby session for your baby between February 6th - 16th

Step 2: Choose the Winning Picture for the Contest

Once the pictures are taken you now have the opportunity to choose which image will represent your precious child to the voters. This is where things might go against your intuition. Most people are looking for that perfect smile that shows how perfect your child is. Those images mean a lot to you because you are his/her parents. However, in a contest, those images will all look the same. You want something that will be different, that will make people smile or melt their heart. You want something memorable. Choose the right image and you will pick up votes other than just your family and friends.

my super power is being cute

A unique image will catch a lot of attention.

Step 3: Promote Your Child to Get the Most Votes

You have the cutest baby, the cutest pictures and have chosen the most epic of the bunch to represent your child. The only thing left to taste sweet victory is to get the votes. Like most online contests the Masterpiece Images Cutest Baby Contest is a vote contest where visitors vote for their favorite baby. The baby with the most votes wins.

We have several past participants of the baby contest who each year visit the contest to cast their vote but your efforts in sharing the contest with your friends and family is extremely important in determining the winner. It will give you an edge over others.

do i look cute

We are trying to help young couples preserve their legacy in a fun way.

I've been working on my smile

The baby contest is a great excuse for us to give away several free baby sessions

Don't Get Too Stressed About the Final Results

You know your baby is cute. You now have just shown the world your baby is cute. Remember that a baby contest is just a fun way to get great pictures of your child. That is the best prize of all. That is our goal to help preserve those precious memories for you and your future generations.

Our greatest desire is to help families preserve their legacy - to enjoy their family more in the present and to preserve it for the future. Each year we have a great time photographing lots of babies. We hope you have as much fun and see that your legacy is worth remembering, worth preserving.

Each February we hold the contest. If you have a child that has their first year birthday either during or after our contest we would love to have you participate. The session is free and we put together special packages for anyone who would like to buy some images.  No purchase is necessary to participate.

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