Masterpiece Santa Experience

December 11th - 13th

The perfect solution if you want to slow down for Christmas and give your child/children a Magical Experience

This is not just photos with Santa. It is a unique experience to enhance the magic of the season. So, we have very limited session times so it can be a personalized experience. If you are interested, book your session TODAY

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Are you Looking for a BETTER Christmas Tradition?

Masterpiece Images is looking to make your Christmas season more meaningful. Our Masterpiece Santa Experience is a personalized visit to Santa's Workshop where your children or grandchildren will meet Santa, share cookies and milk, Check the naughty and nice list, hear a story and help Santa decorate his Christmas Tree with a special ornament. The whole experience is photographed and put into an Heirloom Christmas Storybook to remember it by.

Times are extremely limited and by invitation only. Call now to get your invitation!

Here’s What You’ll Get With Your Session

Your family will arrive at our studio and will be greeted by a few of Santa's helpers. If you'd like your children to change into their Pajamas at this point, they are welcome to do so. Once we have checked with the "Head Elf" your family will be guided to "Santa's Workshop." Our team will be in the background capturing all of the magic that will be happening. At the end of the experience, a helper will package up the personalized ornament that can be hung on the tree on Christmas Eve when Santa comes. We are excited to share in the magic with you!

Personalized Visit with Santa

See how Magical a personal visit with Santa can be. Your child will get to share milk and cookies, read a story together, check the naughty and nice list and even help decorate Santa's tree with a "special" personalized ornament

Be among the first

2022 will be the second year that we are offering the Santa experience. You will be one of the few that will be able to say that you were among the first to be one-on-one with Santa in this way.

Included Heirloom Storybook

Your children's experience will be photographed and designed into an Heirloom Christmas Storybook. One copy is included and additional copies can be purchased for the rest of your family.

Optional Religious Experience

For those families who would like to make Christmas a bit more about Jesus Christ, Santa can share a religious story and share a special thought about the Nativity.

Activities with Santa

Your child will be able to experience so many things with Santa. Here are a few that we are excited to tell you about:


Cookies with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Everyone knows that Santa's favorite treat is Cookies. Your child will be able to enjoy eating cookies with Santa and his wife!


Story time with Santa

Imaging the excitement in your childs face as Santa reads a Christmas time classic "Twas the Night Before Christmas." There will be laughter and joy as this story comes to life right before their eyes. Santa will even do an alternate, more religious story, at your request to bring the spiritual meaning of Christmas into the experience.


Help check the Naughty and Nice list

Finding out if their name is on the Naughty or Nice list is sure to be a favorite with your child. They will find it shocking that Santa knows so much about their behavior at home.


Help decorate Santa's Christmas Tree

We know that their most favorite part will be when Santa invites each child up to hang a personalized ornament with your child's name on their tree. The magic will continue when Santa delivers the ornament to your own tree on Christmas Eve.


Your Children's story will be Published in your Personalized Storybook

The whole experience will be photographed and immortalized in your very own Heirloom Christmas storybook. You will see their expressions as they first meet Santa, as they listen to Santa tell them a story, as they have cookies and milk, check the naughty and nice list and help Santa decorate the tree. All of these will be presented in illustrated storybook form for you to remember for generations.

About Santa Brad

Santa Brad is a real-bearded professional who truly portrays the essence of the jolly old elf himself. He is warm and charming, with curly white hair and beard, rosy red cheeks, a twinkle in his eyes, and a magical laugh.

Masterpiece Images is pleased to be able to have access to such a person as Santa and his wife. We look forward to you getting to know Santa a little better  with your family this year.

Santa Experience Options

This year there are only six sessions available, so you will want to act fast!

Small Group

Session with Santa (8 available)

  • 30 minute session 
  • Heirloom Book
  • Personalized Ornament
  • Up to 5 children
Large Group

Session with Santa (2 available)

  • 45 minute session
  • Heirloom Book
  • Personalized Ornament
  • Up to 10 children

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