Let us HELP you prepare for your

Just Girl Stuff Audition!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for more than just a pretty face. We are looking for someone, first, who is easy to work with, someone who moves well and takes direction well. We are looking for someone who likes to have fun and also keeps commitments. If you are that person, you will have a great advantage in the Just Girl Stuff Model Search."

Ryan - Masterpiece Images



What will the PHOTOGRAPHER expect from you?

Many Girls find it hard, at first, to be in front of a camera expecting to perform. The first thing I, as your photographer, am going to do is let you do a few poses of your own. You will want to be prepared for that. The next thing I'll do is give you direction on poses I would like you to try. I will be taking around 20 shots for you to show what you are able to do.

Choose the Dress Carefully

The style of dress you choose to model in will directly effect the poses you'll be able to do. A short will show your legs, a ball gown will not show anything from the waist down, a mermaid will not allow you to bend your knee very well, and so on. Plan out the types of poses you would like to do and choose the dress that will allow you to do those poses.

Study Poses (feet, body, head, arms)

There are 4 main things to look at for a pose - feet, body, head and arms. Here are a few samples to practice.

Listen Carefully to Direction

Each person has natural positions they regularly move their body in. While you are doing the poses you choose to do, I will be watching how you move. As I figure out how you move, I'll then direct you to try different kinds of things. I will start with more basic moves and get increasingly harder as you are able to do them. Listen carefully and pay attention to the cues I give you and you'll do great.

You can 

Purchase All Your Images

You'll get a copy of your Contest Image for free. However, you can purchase all the images we take of you for only $30 if you order at the audition. The normal price is $50 after the date of the audition.

A FREE gift for your Family from Masterpiece Images!

Family on the rocks

A Free Family Portrait Session

We at Masterpiece Images do lots of portraits from Family Portraits to Senior Portrait to Children Portraits. We know if is a lot of work for your parents to help you be involved with Just Girl Stuff.  

We will ask you at your audition when you would like to take advantage of your free session.