Poppies Family Portrait
Photo Safari


  • Thursday - June 6th
  • Friday - June 7th
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    Saturday - June 8th

We only have 6-7 sessions available for this Photo Safari.  Get your family portrait in a poppy field and
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Family Portrait in a Poppy Field

adult family portrait
Small family in poppy fields
family in poppies

Insider Information

Best Time of Day:

This location definitely looks best in the evening time.  In fact, this is one of the few photo safaris we do not offer all day long.  That's why we have is spread out over 3 days.

Best Family Type:

The ideal family for this location is the one where the youngest child is at least 36" tall.  There are not a lot of great places to sit and the poppies are pretty tall.

Good Things to Know:

Do not wear shorts.  The poppies are pokey and can be really uncomfortable.  Also use allergy medicine if you have hay fever.  It gets pretty bad up there and you don't want red eyes for your pictures.

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