Infant photos are a fun way to preserve the memories of your newborn baby. It’s hard to imagine when they are so little that they are going to grow and change on you so quickly. However it seems that they change from a newborn to a toddler over night.


  • Sitting within the first 10 days of life
  • Sitting at 4 months or when your baby can first hold his/her head up
  • Sitting at 7 months or when your baby can first sit up on their own
  • Sitting at 1 year

Here’s what one of our customers said about their experience:

“After having my first child, my sister bought a sitting for me at a national studio chain and I hated them… I had my wedding pictures taken at Masterpiece Images and took my child to them.   I loved my daughters pictures that they took.   I will always go to Masterpiece Images for my pictures.”
– Janelle

For more information about our infant portrait sittings, call us at 801-612-9799 or send us an email at mpimages@mpiphotovideo.com

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