Beauty and the Beast DVD’s

Orion Junior High School Beauty and the Beast

Presented by Orion Jr. High School

filmed by Masterpiece Images on March 30, 2017


Order your copy of the Orion Jr. High School’s performance of Beauty and the Beast on DVD!  It is illegal to make copies of this production.  Masterpiece Images has been authorized to record, author and sell copies of this DVD to those who participated in the production through the filming rights purchased by the Orion Jr. High School Drama department.

Cost: $8 per disc (includes tax*)

Delivery: All DVD’s ordered between March 31, 2017 and April 18, 2017 will be produced and delivered to your student at the Orion Jr. High Drama classroom by April 22, 2017.

*All DVD’s ordered after April 18, 2016 will be charged sales tax and shipping costs and will be mailed directly to your home.