Sunflower Family Portrait
Photo Safari


  • Saturday - August 11th

We only have 6 sessions available for this Photo Safari.  
These sessions are only available in the morning. 
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Sunflower Family Portrait Sessions

cute sunflower smile
family in blue in the sunflowers
couple in blue and yellow

Insider Information

Best Time of Day:

We are still monitoring the locations for the best sunflowers.  We will update this asap.

Best Family Type:

Most sizes of family will work for this safari.  Probably the perfect size family would be 6-8.  The larger the family the smaller the flowers will look.

Good Things to Know:

Sunflowers only grow in the sun.  So, the pictures will be taken in the sun.  We have had some people with either really light color hair or no hair not like how the sun hits their head.  If you think this might be you, you may want to select another safari date.