Missionary Packages

Missionary Pictures

Get Your Free Missionary Portrait Session

Masterpiece Images has teamed up with Holmes Clothing to offer free missionary pictures to all of their customers.  All you have to do is purchase an item at Holmes Clothing and you will receive a coupon for a free missionary session. With your session we will also give you a free 8×10 and a plaque sized picture.  We want all missionaries to have a nice portrait.

Additional Options

Missionary Tracker – Probably our most popular item people will add on is a Missionary Tracker.  The tracker has two main uses: it is used to help the family be a part of the mission and it acts as a sort of journal for the missionary once he/she is home.  The tracker has:

  • A Picture and Name of the Missionary
  • Name and Dates of the Mission
  • Map of the mission to track where the missionary served (color coded map pins are included)
  • Color coded Area cards to record the addresses where the missionary served
  • A Calendar to track by color how long the missionary was in each area.
  • A pocket to hold the missionary’s latest letter/email.
  • The flag of the State or Country for the Mission.

Many of our missionary families has commented how much it helps to feel a part of the mission.

Mission Announcement Cards – Many missionaries love to send a nice announcement to family and friends about their mission.  The announcement card tells the recipient where and when the missionary will serve.  It also gives the contact information for the missionary so the missionary can receive letters or packages.

Gift Prints for Family & Friends – A mission usually is a special time for a family.  It can bring families closer and strengthen their faith.  Many times family and friends can receive additional strength by having a picture of the missionary that reminds them of the mission.  For example, we have received comments that younger brothers and sisters have decided to serve a mission because they looked at the picture and thought about their sibling on a mission.

If you have not received a coupon from Holmes Clothing and would like a missionary portrait session please call us at 801-612-9799